Discovering #Docker…

Here’s my first step with docker… and docker image hub.

Yes, I started to use Docker few times ago. I was interessted by the capability to use it as a virtual plateform, to deploy many « servers » and tools and to learn fonctionnalities and so on.
As many does, I search on Internet, learn, test.

Today, I just wanted to know how to push my first commited image on the Docker Hub. So here’s my « little » contribution to the world on the basics commands to do it.

First, I need to commit changes and it’s simple as that:

$ docker commit sourceImage myCustomImage

Then, before anything else, I’ll need to login into docker hub:

$ docker login

Next, I have to tag my commited image then it will be recognised by « push » command:

$ docker tag myCustimImage mydockerhubUsername/myCustomImage

Now, I can push my own image to my own repo on the docker hub:

$ docker push mydockerhubUsername/myCustomImage

That’s all !
Finally, it wasn’t to difficult…

P.S.: I found most of informations with Docker documentation and some with Internet



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