#Docker and time sync

Here’s a little reminder about a problem I encontered recently for which I found a solution simply digging into internet…

So, the problem was simple: during some test around Docker, I decided to fetch some datas over APIs, BUT it didn’t work ! « Request refused », « Timeout », those kind of error messages who doesn’t really help…
I try to understand why those errors raise in my program and finally I just take a closer look to the logs into my container and *DIIING*: fiat lux !

Date and time weren’t in sync with my docker host, so I search around this and I found a well-written forum thread on docker‘s who explain that, when my laptop goes to sleep and is resumed, container’s clock is delayed by the amount of time the computer was asleep.
And now you’re going to ask me: « Ok but then ? »… And I’ll answer you: « But then, restart Docker ! ». The containers will resync there clock and every « time » problem will be solved.

That’s all you’ll need to do ! Simple as that…


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