Manage #Fortigate IOS downgrade isn’t fun !

No, really not funny at all !
Here’s some « log » of our evening downgrade of our two FortiGate HA cluster… Too much enthusiasm during last upgrade and we get some « bad results ». So, we decide to go back to the previous version. 

First, you’ll have to know that downgrade may cause your forte to be clean as a baby !! As if there were « out-of-the-box » !
Some informations useful here on the net:

Also, you’ll have to remember one awesome information… default config name is « system.conf ». If this file is written on a USB stick and then boot on it, it will be automatically uploaded as default config.

If you don’t have USB stick, you’ll have to know how the default configuration unit is. To use ethernet to connect, for example. Another way is to use the console interface and CLI commands. 

Be also aware that downgrade may cause last configuration backup to be sometimes broken, so you’ll need to adapt it…

Seems simple… after hours to remember how to do it.


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